Teacher Appreciation Week!

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I love this time of year, when we get to give extra appreciation where it is due! I encourage all educators to lift up one another this week in whatever way you can. Even an extra smile or kind word can go a long way when lifting up a colleague. I woke up this morning with this on my heart, so I wrote a little poem to encourage teachers everywhere. Enjoy!

A World Without Teachers

Desolate and gloomy things would be

No one to start the learning with the ABC’s

Barren and bland our minds would stagnate

No one to spark the thirst for knowledge that opens the gate

Uneducated and unskilled our communities would unfold

No one to continue the cycle of education, ignorance would be bold

Unlearned and unloved our kids would be left in the dust

No one to give the next generation a future to put their trust

But God in all his wisdom decided to create a group to help us all

He called them “Teachers”, and he equipped them so that our societies would never fall

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


Mrs. Bowers

Poems, Teachers

A True Champion

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One who teaches children and offers support

One who fights through battles like a lawyer in court

One who speaks proudly in support of one another

One who has tenaciousness and strength like no other

One who advocates and presents a cause

One who stands tall without seeking applause

One who increases their knowledge to be prepared

One who endures persecution without being scared

All this takes a not-giving-up-spirit with courage and grit

Teachers, you are true champions, and this you must never forget!


Mrs. Bowers

a true champion

Poems, Teachers

Make it a January to Remember!


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Christmas is behind us and now a new month is here

January is for new beginnings, which is an exciting time of year

A time to reflect on what new opportunities lie ahead

Such as new activities, new learning, or new books never read

But the beauty of it all is the fresh start that you get

With your kids, your colleagues, even those you just met

And there’s a freshness in the air that gives us hope for what is to come

But never forget what you do as a teacher is work that brings hope to everyone


Mrs. Bowers

Happy 2019!

Poems, Teachers

A Time of Rest

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A winter break is exactly what we need

To stop and get the rest that is necessary indeed

No papers to grade, no kids to discipline either

No homework assignments, just a few moments of leisure

Allow your body to relax and yes your mind too

Because soon enough there will be plenty for you to do

So away with the to-do list and enjoy yourself some

And hold on to the memories you create believing there are even more to come


Much Love and Blessings,






Poems, Teachers

December is here!

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All the things of November have come to an end

No turkey, no dessert although leftovers might be a friend

December has much to offer too, you see

Field trips, sing a-longs and maybe even a spelling bee

Through it all we do our best to always keep our cool

Knowing that some of our kids’ best times, are at school

So, no matter what this month brings, always remember

The wonderful difference you make with your kids goes far beyond December!