Love in action

She could have ignored me or let me be

No time to investigate or see about my history

She could have let me sit and never find out what I knew

Or teach me anything just to see what I could do

She could have given up because my class was too loud

Or walked out and not turned back because that was surely allowed

But she decided that I was worth it all and she hung around to see

I bet she didn’t know her teaching, was actually breathing life into me

As I looked into my classroom this afternoon, I thought of my 7th grade teacher. As I made every effort to help a couple of students who didn’t seem to want to be helped, I thought of her. I tried to think of those days when she taught me, loved and cared for me. This poem is a dedication to her and all that she did for me, and so many others on the south side of Chicago. I will always be indebted to her tireless days and nights she devoted to me. Her inspiration lives on within me as I aim to be the teacher to my kids, that she was to me. As the Lord gives me strength, I aim to put love in action, as she always did so beautifully. #payitforward

In Love,


John 3:16