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A True Champion

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One who teaches children and offers support

One who fights through battles like a lawyer in court

One who speaks proudly in support of one another

One who has tenaciousness and strength like no other

One who advocates and presents a cause

One who stands tall without seeking applause

One who increases their knowledge to be prepared

One who endures persecution without being scared

All this takes a not-giving-up-spirit with courage and grit

Teachers, you are true champions, and this you must never forget!


Mrs. Bowers

a true champion

Poems, Teachers

Make it a January to Remember!


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Christmas is behind us and now a new month is here

January is for new beginnings, which is an exciting time of year

A time to reflect on what new opportunities lie ahead

Such as new activities, new learning, or new books never read

But the beauty of it all is the fresh start that you get

With your kids, your colleagues, even those you just met

And there’s a freshness in the air that gives us hope for what is to come

But never forget what you do as a teacher is work that brings hope to everyone


Mrs. Bowers

Happy 2019!

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The Amazing You!

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Sometimes things just hit me and I immediately start writing…this is what happened with this poem. I was driving down the highway and I was thinking about how we get bombarded with so much negativity. As soon as I got to a spot where I could write, I started writing these words. So this is my humble attempt of facing some of that negativity you might hear with a little positivity. Here it is, and it’s called….

The Amazing You

Only you have your eyes

Only you have your nose

Only you have what God gave you from your head to your toes

And although you can’t fully fathom all that he has done

There is an abundance within you that will one day shine through

Then you will see the winner inside to whom you must always remain true

Much Love,

Michelle L. Bowers

Daily Walk

Our journey together begins…

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Hi there! Thanks so much for joining me! My name is Michelle L. Bowers and I have been a teacher for the past 20 years. I have taught elementary and middle school in both private and public school. I truly believe this calling to teach was planted in my heart by the Lord years ago as I watched and learned from my amazing 7th grade teacher, on the south side of Chicago. Here I am, some thirty plus years later, writing to encourage teachers to fulfill their calling as well. I’m so excited for this opportunity to hang out, share poetry and a bit of my heart with my fellow colleagues! Let’s get it started with an article I wrote about the real definition of a teacher. I feel like those outside of education have a huge misconception of what we do, so…I wrote a little bit about it. Check it out, and see if you can relate! The Real Definition of a School Teacher

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton