For Poetry Lovers

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It’s official ya’ll! After years of writing poems for family and friends, it’s now time to share it with you! I absolutely love to touch hearts and put smiles on faces with my poetry. Therefore…Poems from above by Michelle Lea is Live! I am now creating original poetry for birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers, you name it!

Poetry makes my heart sing! It sings a song, all on its own! A song that screams to be sung! Just give me a pen, a computer, or a piece of paper and let me go!

So, if you would like to bless someone with an original poem, here’s what you do: send your payment of $20 to Or, Venmo:@embowers5 and then, send me a quick email ( with your order specifics:

Name of person, topic of poem and 5 characteristics about the person

I will send you a PDF version of your poem within 24-48 hrs.

Until then…Here’s a little something from the heart:

Letters, words, here and there

Always written to show I care

If you ever are in doubt

Or feel like there’s no way out

Look above and believe what is true

There’s someone who cares and is cheering for you!

-In Love

Check out more of my poems on


1 Corin 16:14 Do Everything in Love

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