Monday Morning Mission

The alarm will ring, you can count on that

Your workload is not decreasing, it’s increasing in fact

You must make up in your mind with every decision you make

Decide early in the morning that your joy no one can take

So, when you hit that alarm and your feet hit the floor

Take some time for yourself before you walk out the door

Remember, you must be ready for whatever comes your way

It’s your Monday Morning Mission that jumpstarts your week and drives you to make a difference each day

In Love,


Poems, Teachers

May is here and coming to an end!

beautiful bloom blooming blossom
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Ahhh, we “Mayed” it! The month that culminates everything that we have set out to do all year. We lay it all on the line in the month of May. Although the countdown to summer might begin, the panic for running out of time to prepare your kids also sets in. No matter what, we take it all in stride, because we have been built for this! We got this! Enjoy the words of this poem as you head towards the finish line!

All year long you’ve worked so hard to get through

From Aug to now you’ve had plenty to do

This time of year, is like a downward slope

Working diligently to the end without losing hope

Then the time comes to celebrate all that you do

Teacher Appreciation Week puts the light on you

It shines so bright for the whole world to see

Showing others, the importance of teachers, is how it should be

So do your field trips, awards and talent shows too

Summer will come soon, and you will wish your students a sweet adieu

Finish Strong Colleagues!





Teacher Appreciation Week!

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I love this time of year, when we get to give extra appreciation where it is due! I encourage all educators to lift up one another this week in whatever way you can. Even an extra smile or kind word can go a long way when lifting up a colleague. I woke up this morning with this on my heart, so I wrote a little poem to encourage teachers everywhere. Enjoy!

A World Without Teachers

Desolate and gloomy things would be

No one to start the learning with the ABC’s

Barren and bland our minds would stagnate

No one to spark the thirst for knowledge that opens the gate

Uneducated and unskilled our communities would unfold

No one to continue the cycle of education, ignorance would be bold

Unlearned and unloved our kids would be left in the dust

No one to give the next generation a future to put their trust

But God in all his wisdom decided to create a group to help us all

He called them “Teachers”, and he equipped them so that our societies would never fall

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


Mrs. Bowers

Poems, Teachers

April means spring has sprung!

white and yellow flower with green stems
Photo by Bess Hamiti on Pexels.com

This is the time of year that testing is upon us, and kids are starting to get summer on their brains. It is up to us to calm them down and remind them there is still much work to do! So, as you are faced with one thing after another that is due, or needs to be done–just remember that each day you show up is a day that goes down in history where you dared to make a meaningful contribution to the world. Enjoy the words to this poem as your April ticks along…

Give yourself a pat on the back for making it all this way

And just in time to withstand the tricks on April Fool’s Day

But there are no tricks when it comes to the hard work you do

Like preparing your kids for testing and for the next grade level too

Still there’s much to be taken care of and work to be done

Field trips to go on, and oh yeah, there will be some fun

But no matter what April brings, you must never-ever forget that this is true

The most powerful difference-maker in the classroom is still…YOU!

Happy April Colleagues!


Mrs. Bowers

Poems, Teachers

March is marching on…


hello march printed paper on white surface
Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

Although March is just about over, I still want to take a moment and encourage you to keep on marching. Each day comes with its own challenges and we work diligently to find ways to make it through. Sometimes a special moment with a student can make your day like nothing else can. I remember a day earlier in the year when everything seemed to be going downhill. You know the days…when the phone rings two too many times during instruction, a student continues to have disruptive behavior, a persistent parent dominates your conference time with an impromptu meeting, and you are already pressed by impending deadlines and assessments. Even with all of that going on, I had a student slip me a note with her personal artwork. It had flowers and hearts on it, and on the bottom it simply said, “Thank you Mrs. Bowers, for making me feel special.” When I read it, it made me smile and I was reminded of what I love about being a teacher. The kids have no idea about all the things you go through as a teacher, so if you can make a child feel special in the midst of everything else, then you have made a difference in their lives. Colleagues, no matter what each day brings…keep marching on! Here’s a poem for you!

Spring is on the rise and is almost here

So much to look forward to this time of year

Spring Break is on the way to give us some time

To catch up on rest, relaxation or other things that may be behind

Then there’s the Open House event coming up too

To visit with parents and show them a little about what we do

Soon the last quarter begins but still so much ahead

Each day will bring challenges, but hang in there and try to stay positive instead

Just remember, keep laser-focused on the important work you do

You were chosen for this time in history to help make kids’ dreams come true!


Mrs. Bowers