Learning from Jesus: Message 6

Anybody tired, overwhelmed or just plain discouraged with continuing to teach and explain the same things to your kids? I bet there are a few teachers who can relate here. I know there are times when it seems like nothing I say is getting through to my kids. For those times, I have learned to fall back on the message of the following passage: Matt 13:1-9.

“Whoever has ears, let them hear”

Jesus was teaching large crowds and he told them many things. However, the point we can take from this passage is that some received the message and some did not. In other words, we can teach our hearts out and not every one of our students will receive it the same. We should not be discouraged when they all don’t get it the first time. We must continue to do our best to deliver the information, and keep planting the seeds of knowledge that we have been given to plant. If we see ourselves as planters, then we will not focus on whether or not the harvest comes.

Keep planting, my friends! Be encouraged that the harvest is in his hands and not ours!

In Love,


Do Everything in Love

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