Learning from Jesus:Message 4

As a English Language Arts teacher, I get to teach young people how to become better writers. I get the opportunity to take them through the writing process of brainstorming ideas, creating their first draft, and then revising and editing to get them to their final draft. Throughout this process I am also teaching them how to tie their ideas together, while honing in on grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Everything I do is an effort to make their stories better.

Isn’t this what Jesus was doing as he traveled about making improvements in the lives of whomever he met? He was on a mission to make their life-stories better. Think about it, when he healed someone of a sickness, or taught them principles they could apply to their lives, he was making their stories better. Throughout the Gospels, you can clearly see he was doing things to improve the lives of people.

Friends, this is part of the pattern he left for us. When we take positive actions towards our kids, we are making their lives better. We are equipping them with the skills that are necessary for their future. Therefore, we are making their life-stories better. Honestly, when I step into my classroom and teach some of my young boys who are always in the principal’s office–I have this on my mind. I want their story to be different. I want to give them skills that will land them in college or a a job, and not in prison. I want to make their stories better!

So, as you go about your teaching journey, remember the pattern Jesus left for us and the power that you have at your fingertips. For every one of your students, you have the power to make their stories better! Blessings as you continue to make their life-stories better!

In Love,


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