Learning from Jesus: Message 2

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Yesterday, as I was frantically trying to plug in my curling iron, I was having a little trouble. I plugged it into the first outlet, and I didn’t see the light come on. I tried it in another one, and I still didn’t see the power light come on. Then, I thought, “I guess it is either broken, or we have a shortage problem”. Finally, I tried it in one more outlet, but this time I grabbed my eyeglasses. As soon as I plugged it in, instantly I saw the red power button. You see, it worked every time I plugged it in previously. However, the last time I plugged it in I actually saw the light because I looked at it closer, carefully and with a different set of eyes. I pray this will be true for you today. Maybe you have looked at this scripture before in Matt 9:36, or even heard it before, but today we are going to look a little closer, with a different set of eyes. It says,

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

He “Saw” them

In this scripture, Jesus saw the crowds… Stop! Let’s pause right there for this message today. First of all, he “Saw” them. Don’t go too fast past this word. You know how you can see somebody sometimes, but then other times you can really “See” them. In other words, sometimes it is a casual glance that doesn’t mean very much, and other times it is an emotional, or spiritual connection when you can truly “See” them in a different way. So in this scripture, when Jesus saw the crowds, that was only the beginning of what he was about to do for them. He didn’t just give a casual glance, he stopped and took positive actions.

Friends, sometimes your kids just want to know that you “See” them. Many of them are so desperate to be noticed by someone, especially their teacher. I know you’re thinking, “I’ve got too many kids to try to stop and “Notice” them. I hear you. But I just want you to consider what those crowds must have felt like, when they heard that Jesus was doing all kinds of teaching and healing in their town. They began to follow him and gather wherever he went, just for a chance that he might notice them. They were desperate to be seen by him, because they knew if he saw them he would change their situation.

Colleagues, I submit to you that your kids are just as desperate to be seen by you. They want you to call them by name, notice their new shoes or their new haircut. And let me just tell you, God saw you first, when he put you in the lives of your students. It is no mistake that you are where you are! And even though they will never say it, your kids are so glad that you are there. You see, just as those crowds were desperate for Jesus’ teaching, your kids are desperate for your teaching too! That teaching, or whatever it is they are supposed to get from you at this time in their life, just might be the ray of hope that they are searching for. And if Jesus, the master teacher, thought it was important enough to stop and see the crowds…surely, we as those who desire to learn from him, will deem it just as important. So, if we, in the midst of all the demands of our sometimes overwhelming responsibilities, can pause and make one student feel like we “See” them, then we have humbly followed the footsteps of the master teacher.

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4 thoughts on “Learning from Jesus: Message 2”

  1. Thanks for those words. A lot of our children need to be seen. They need a hug or a simple smile. God bless you for those words this morning. Love you

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