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February is almost gone ya’ll!

love celebrate valentine happy valentine
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

With all that we must endure in the classroom, we must also remember the things that keep us going. The smiles of our sweet students that still come to school to learn is one thing that keeps me going. You know that one student that wants to help you with everything? Or the one that sits quietly, hoping that you notice them. These are the kinds of things that remind us of the important role we play in the lives of our students. So, as February draws to a close, be encouraged by the truth of these words–

All the days of January are behind us now
We made it through each one, sometimes wondering how?

But we must continue to press on and look ahead for what is coming our way

One thing we know for sure, love and chocolate will come on Valentine’s Day

There are parties to have and sweet snacks to eat

Our kids really look forward to this day, because it is such a treat

But parties and fun are certainly not all we will do

It’s the hearts we touch, and the work we put in, that makes a mark which lasts the whole year through



Michelle L. Bowers

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