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What? You want to be a teacher?

alphabet class conceptual cube
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It seems no matter who I talked to, they all discouraged me about the teaching field. They said it was high expectations, with low pay. They said it was no respect and long hours. They said I can do so many things and make so much more money.

Even after all of that advice, here I am, a teacher…and proud to be! You see, no one ever told me about the lives I would change. They never told me about the hundreds of kids I would prepare for the job market. They never told me about the young people I would help to figure out their path in life. They never told me about the visits from former students who would tell me about the difference I made for them. They never told me about the parents who would thank me for educating their child. They never told me about the young adult who would come back and tell me about his family, and how he was able to help them because he got an education.

Shame on them for not telling me these amazing things about being a teacher. 20 years later, I’m glad I didn’t listen to them. I only listened to the calling in my heart that God gave me. Yes, it gets hard! Yes, I have days where I question the calling…but after all of that I realize the truth about who I am and what I do. I am a teacher, a helper, a difference-maker, and so much more! The way I affect the future can never be taken away! I am a teacher, and mighty proud to be!

In Love,


Jer. 29:11-12


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