Poems, Teachers

It’s November ya’ll!

acorns autumn autumn decoration autumn leaves
Photo by Caleb Wood on Pexels.com

Crazy! This year has flown by as usual! Joys and pains have filled our hearts, and yet we keep on pushing! Of course, this time of year comes with kids getting antsy for a week off, and challenges for us to keep them engaged. Either way, we work hard to be the consummate professional that we are expected to be. I put some thoughts in a poem for my teacher friends, and my prayer is that you are encouraged to keep on keepin’ on!


Soon we’ll say goodbye to the month of October you see

It will be remembered as part of our teaching history

We’ve worked hard so far to prepare our kids, no doubt

So, they can know what each subject is really all about

But we know it’s not easy, it requires GRIT every single day

Only a teacher knows what it takes from Aug until May

For now, keep on pushing, only 3 weeks to Thanksgiving Break

Remember you are a part of an incredible profession, and within your DNA you have whatever it takes!

With Love,


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