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September is almost gone

red school blur factory
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

The kids came in like a whirlwind, excited to start the year. I think we were just as excited because a new year always starts with a sense of hope. This hope makes us believe that something we do will spark something amazing within a student. It just might be the year when something super special happens. It’s one of the things that I look forward to as an educator. You never know when something magnificent will occur. It might be a big moment of truth when a student reaches new heights, or a small, yet powerful moment when you connect with a student who seemed unreachable. Either way the potential is there, and it exists in a classroom like no other place. Anyway, to jumpstart this year, I penned this little poem just for my teacher friends. It’s called…September. Enjoy!


Five weeks in and excitement is in the air

Labor Day has passed and well, we’re getting there

Fall is upon us and the temperature will begin to drop

But kids yearning for recess will never ever stop

And the teachers are yearning for something different altogether

Just a calm and peaceful day with perfect Texas weather

Teachers, remember who you are and what you’re called to be

A light in a dark world, maybe the only one your kids will get to see

Happy September!


Mrs. Bowers

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