For Your Daily Walk

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Today, no matter what situation you are in, you must realize that you have something to be thankful for! You are still here! You can decide today what your next move will be. You can reach out to someone, and be a friend. Or you can reach out and ask for help! We all need each other and now more than ever, we need to see the power that relationship possesses! What perfect time it is to bond with family members, check on one another and simply reflect on goals you want to set for yourself. We might not know what tomorrow holds, but let’s not take another second for granted. Seize the day, and decide to make every moment count!

Blessings Ya’ll!

In Love,


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5 days before spring break and all I can say is….praise God! I say this for two reasons: 1) Because I am so thankful to have come this far and 2) Because it has been a super-challenging year so far. Of course, much has been the same, as far as work load, assessments, deadlines and such. However, the biggest challenge has been the change in the dynamics of our campus and we know change is never easy. But as each day rolled by, I continued to reflect on what the Lord has called me to do. Each time I was reminded that I must press on in spite of everything going on around me, and focus on the overwhelming truth that…I work hard everyday to leave a legacy of educating young people, and preparing them for their futures. Remember, no matter how hard your day is, remind yourself that this is exactly what you do too! Teachers provide the foundation that society stands on, and without us no economy can thrive! So, the next time you lug that bag of papers home, or sit down on Sunday to catch up on grading…remember what your calling is and keep your head up! You didn’t come this far to give up now!!


Michelle L. Bowers

Sunday night fever

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So, the bag of papers sit at the dining room table waiting for my attention. I gather my thoughts and wait for a moment of inspiration to hit me. Finally, it hits and I hurry to get everything done with a bowl of fruit and a bottle of water as my accomplices. I promise myself that I will do better next week, so I do not have to bring work home again. It actually does happen some weeks, but not nearly enough. It is not easy, with so many things to take care of at school and never enough time. But in the midst of  it all, I maintain my composure and take things one at a time. In fact, this is how I take each day, one day at a time. I constantly remind myself that each day is a part of this journey we call teaching. We have been called, chosen and appointed for such a time as this. Therefore, we must turn our Sunday night fever into a Monday morning mission. We are on a mission to educate our nation, simply, prayerfully, one child at a time.

-Blessings ya’ll


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